• Our vessels are cleaned according to standards that promote a safe and healthy environment conducive to protecting guests and staff.  While hand sanitizers are provided, guests are also welcomed to bring on board similar personal items which may make them more comfortable during the tour. Safety is our priority.


For your consideration

We welcome all guests on our Sun Fun Tours, but there are a few stipulations that we have implemented for the safety and comfort of all guests. Please note that:

  • During our registration process, all guests are required to sign a waiver. The same form is completed by a parent or guardian for minor participants.
  • While we welcome touring guests less than two years old,, the elderly ad those who may be pregnant, we do require that these conditions be disclosed and that guests assume any risk associated with participating in the tour.
  • For safety on the vessel, there is a no smoking policy which is strictly enforced.
  • Additional restrictions may apply which we would be happy to discuss with you based on your specific needs.


Paying for your excursion

It is always our pleasure to assist guests with pricing details for their selected tour!  Once you complete our information page or connect with us directly via email at info@sunfunexuma.com, we will respond to you very promptly.

Our primary payment options include VISA and Mastercard.  Please note that we request credit card information to reserve your booking via email or telephone. Cash payments are also permitted.


Cancellation Policy

Guest Cancellations

We understand that sometimes plans change.  To ensure operations are not adversely affected, the Company has the following policies in place:

  • No charge will be made if cancellation notice is received at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled tour
  • Half the full fare will be charged if cancellation notice is received within 48 hours of your scheduled tour
  • Full fare will be charged if cancellation notice is received within 24 hours of your scheduled tour


Due to the nature of activity, all tours are weather permitted.  If there is a need to make changes to your scheduled tour, guests will be contacted and we would seek to re-schedule for another date.  If that is not feasible, no charges will be processed.


Privacy Statement

Sun Fun Tours Ltd. understands the need to safe guard information shared by our guests and as such does not provide data to third parties.